Decorating with a heat press is an easy, cost-effective way to brand an item. It provides the opportunity to personalize a wide variety of items such as T-Shirts/ Polo Shirts, Team uniforms, School Bags, Conference bags etc. Base Ball Caps, Mugs etc

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Regardless of any sizes, we can make it possible! Regardless of any sizes, we can print it all! We print on Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV), One Way Vision (OWV), Flexi, Frosted, Reflective materials etc We offer a full range of printing services for businesses across Ghana and beyond. We have the capability to create any sizes of printed graphic by using our large format digital printing machines

Our latest machine has the ability to print and cut to the exact shape you want just to fit your requirement.

Our large-format digital printing services include:

  • Retail In-Store Signage
  • Indoor/Outdoor Banners
  • Photo Wall Murals
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Roll-up Banners and Trade Show Signage
  • Floor Decals and Advertisements

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Digital Cutting makes all the cuttings easy and possible! Digital cutting uses different types of high-technology digital and precise cutting engine. By using our computerized cutting services with the latest technology, it directs the output of high power laser by computer, leaving a high quality surface finished. Our company provides laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking and laser etching services for cutting, engraving, etching and marking on materials such as: Wood, Leather, Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Textiles and Metal. Appointed Time offers cost-effective laser cutting services on a contract basis, so it is perfect for short runs or large quantities. By using laser cutting instead of traditional die cutting, our customers benefit from non-stop increasing design opportunities – with laser cutting there are no design and material constraints, so the possibilities are endless. Allow us to do all the cuttings for you!

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We are your FIRST and BEST SOURCE FOR VEHICLE WRAPS in Ghana. We can wrap any type of vehicle from one to your whole fleet: Car, Van, Trailer, Lorry, Boat, Bus, Truck, Cargo Van, or an entire fleet of semi-trailer, we can handle them all! We only use top grade materials and only do the top level installation possible for vehicle wraps. We do it all In House from start to finish so you are getting the top level vehicle wrap available that suits your taste and interest. and Yes, we have the most affordable and reliable company for vehicle wraps. We design, print and install your vehicles to get your message delivered to the public 24/7. We also do custom signs, vehicle advertising, vinyl lettering etc. We use only the best quality materials for each vehicle wrap. This allows us to reposition your vehicle wrap to ensure a perfect alignment every time we put them on your vehicle. We also is also laminated each vehicle wrap to resist the effects of weather and extend the life of your vehicle wrap. Grab 100% attention of people throughout Ghana and at the same time, your marketing impact is even further magnified with the implementation of vehicle wrap, utilizing all the vehicles of your fleet.

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A great way to promote your brand in business is to introduce uniforms featuring garment embroidery. Embroidery is stitched with a computerized embroidery machine using patterns “digitized” with embroidery software. In machine embroidery, different types of “fills” add texture and design to the finished work. Machine embroidery is used to add logos and monograms to business shirts or jackets, gifts, towels and team uniforms.

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Appointed Time has been a leader in exports of quality print products for years. We export to over 5 countries. Our foot print expands every year...

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